Monday, June 19, 2017

The Last Transfer

So today starts the last transfer. Calls were made on Saturday and Elder Goettsche is getting transferred. So it looks like I'll have a new companion for my last transfer. We spent a good amount of Sunday saying good bye to people. This area is pretty good and Elder Goettsche is really sad to leave. It looks like I'll be "dying" here in Fall Creek!

We had some sweet experiences this week. One in particular was finding this guy named Estaban. Elder Goettsche felt inspired to try a part member family, and when we showed up there was this super prepared guy. He had been talking on the phone with his girlfriend about what God wanted him to do as his "next step". Then we just happened to show up! We taught him the whole Restoration right then and there. The best was when we came back for the return appointment. Since he's YSA we did a mini split with the YSA Elders and Esteban had kept the commitment twice over! That was super cool. He's golden.

We were able to teach Jess some more times this week. She's progressing really well! We taught her a whole bunch this week. She was supposed to come to church but she had an emergency at work and wasn't able to make it :/ please keep her in your prayers!

There is this awesome Polynesian family that fed us this week. I love Polys they feed us so well!! They had a whole bunch of extended family in town and one is a non member and she came to to church so that was cool.

That's about all for this week! Talk to you later.

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