Monday, June 26, 2017

A bike accident and a furry visitor

Alright so transfers happened and I got a new companion! His name is Elder Kelland and he's from Oregon. He's been out for about 11 months and at the end of this transfer he will hit his year mark. He just came from the country so it's been fun showing him around the city.

We had quite the crazy week. A tropical storm was supposed to pass through, so naturally the mission leadership was really freaked out so we had to check in at 12, 5, and 9 every day this past week. We only had one day where it really rained, besides that it was just SUPER humid

I also crashed on my bike super hard this week hahaha elder Kelland saw the whole thing. We are still laughing about it because what happened is I hit a pothole that had water in it so I couldn't tell how deep it was but my front tire went in and didn't come out . I only ended up with some gnarly bruses. My bike is fine, I was just mad that I crashed. I've only crashed 2 times now

One more interesting thing that happened was we had a visitor on our porch a few days ago. Elder Kelland and I had just come home from dinner with a member when we hear this rustling going on outside our door. Elder Kelland looked out the window and said "Holy cow! It's a raccoon!" (Insert raccoon emoji) so we did the only logical thing...took selfies and filmed it. Animal control didn't pick up, so we tried to help the situation, but eventually it went away.

Zone Conference was also this week.. it was sad to see President and Sister Drake for the last time! It was super spiritual, President talked about his goals he set when he was called to be a mission president, and Sister Drake basically gave a summary of what she did segments on (which was basically my entire mission). Then we did farewell testimonies. Even though we still have the whole transfer ahead of us, it was my group's time to get up there and give our testimonies. It was awesome to see all of the missionaries who came out the same time as me talk about all the progress we've made. It was an unforgettable experience for sure!

And to end the week, our investigator finally made it to Church!!!!! We were so excited! She even sent us a text letting us know her alarm went off haha she's awesome! She also decided to bring along her 70 yr old mom with her. One funny thing that happened is the youth had just come back from a Nauvoo trip, so we legit had a few youth go to the Stand and say "I know Joseph Smith died for us". Bless their hearts but we have some definite clearing up to do now haha.

Well that's about it!

See yall next week!

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