Monday, June 12, 2017

Stake Conference

We had such a fantastic week! It all started on Tuesday when we used to the new smart sort application in our area books. Smart sort goes through former's and decides which might have potential. We still go by the spirit when making decisions. So anyway, We were in a neighborhood and this Lady named Jess appeared. We decided to try it. When we knocked, Jess answered and said "oh! I've been meaning to call you guys!" That was super unexpected! As we get talking, we find out she's already read the Book of Mormon all the way through and was Fixin' to get baptized. We asked if getting baptized is still something she still wanted to do. "Yeah I think so!" Was the reply. So Jess is super Golden and we've already taught her one other time with a member. The best part is she kept the commitments we've given her.

So that was pretty cool. Stake Conference was also this week. We had a visiting authority. His name is Elder Dube and he's from Zimbabwe. He was a pretty funny guy and I really enjoyed what he talked about. The best part is because it was stake Conference is I got to see Smitty! There was some promptings that helped him come to conference, he's been under the weather lately but he still decided to come. Elder Dube talked and stressed the importance of reading the Book of Mormon, which is was great for Smitty. There were many tender mercies, and seeing a convert and being able to talk with him was so amazing. MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST!

Alright y'all that's it for now! Missionary work is bumpin here in Fall Creek!

Elder Blackburn

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