Monday, June 5, 2017

Miracle Week

Alright so this week had a huge miracle with our Investigator (a Sister). So if you can remember we gave her a chapel tour about two weeks ago. The other members of her household we really upset at her and they had some misconceptions about Mormons and it was a huge mess. There was a lot of persecution and she and her son felt threatened so she texted us saying she didn't want to meet with us anymore. Immediately we felt like we needed to fast with her, so Saturday of two weeks ago we went over and asked if we could all do a fast.  She was still really friendly towards us, so after informing her how to do a fast she was on board. So all last Sunday we fasted and a HUGE miracle happened! When we went to see her on Tuesday she told us The people who were bothering her moved unexpectedly the next morning!!! Wow it was a huge miracle!! We asked her what her next step would be, and she said, "well I should probably go to church" we asked how she'll get there and she told us she would take an uber. And that's what happened! She came to Church!! So many cool and good things are happening. Church was awesome, the testimonies that were born were great and really brought the spirit. Great things are happening!

Sorry for the short email we are currently at a member's house having a big grill for pday!

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