Monday, April 24, 2017

More April!

Hey y'all!

This week had a lot of events tied to it. Quite a few of the days we
worked this week we were on exchanges with other companionships of
missionaries. During the evening of the first exchange I went on, we
visited this local minister who does an "Hour of Power" in a lobby room in her apt complex. 
She was hilarious. She's your typical Baptist minister with a great sense of humor.

The next exchange I went on we visited a local preacher who enjoys the
missionaries in Beaumont and takes them out to lunch a lot. He's a
really nice guy and loves that we talk of Christ, but doesn't believe
our way. We respect his beliefs and he feeds the missionaries so
whatever works!

Then I went to Jasper and Elder Biesinger went to Buna. We had some
great times up there in the North part of the mission. The district
meeting that day was in Fred so I got to go to my stomping grounds of
a year ago. I also got to say Hi to sister Odom since she was
practicing the piano over at the church. It was a great day.

Our investigators are progressing super well.  There was a YSA activity on Saturday where they
had a BBQ at the Branch President's house.  Our one student investigator was able to come and
we all had a great time playing hill billy golf and washers.

Both of our promising investigators should be able to get baptized in the next
few weeks. May is looking to be a great month for baptisms.

We also had some miracle finds this week. They weren't YSA age, but
they will do wonders with the family ward missionaries. We were out
trying a less active who ended up not being home. So we looked around
and saw a neighbor looking at some items their neighbor had put on
their front yard for the trash to come pick up. As we were talking
with her, some more neighbors pull up. One looks at us and goes,
"y'all are LDS right?" yep we are! His friend had never heard that
term before. He's worked with Mormons and knows them to be good
people. He mentioned he's done a lot of "Church Shopping" (a term
referring to when you don't like the church you're currently going to,
so you start looking around and trying other churches). He asked us if
we are another reformation. We answered in the negative and began
sharing the restoration. When we got to the BoM and how Christ visited
the Americas, he flipped out and said "No way! I just read in
Revelations this morning and thought to myself that God would have
Christ visit more people than just those in Israel!" It took some more
coaxing but he finally accepted a copy of the BoM. The family ward
elders have some great new investigators to teach!

On a side note, I am usually deathly afraid to accompany hymns on the
piano as people sing. IDK why I just have always been terrible at it.
But I was asked to accompany for SM yesterday (they told me in advance
that I would) and I agreed to do it. So I learned a SM hymn and
surprisingly accompanied pretty well. This is probably a super boring
story for y'all but playing 4 hymns in SM while people are singing
along is quite the accomplishment in my book.

Great things keep coming from this area! Transfers are in 2 weeks, so
we are going to work hard in the meantime!

Elder Blackburn

Elder Henry Blackburn
Texas Houston East Mission

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