Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day - a special mission visitor and bowling!

Happy May first everyone!! The stores already have tons of summer stuff and graduation stuff for the class of 2017.. Its weird seeing it everywhere because I saw all the same stuff a year ago and now it kinda freaks me out lol.

Anyways, we had quite the week this week. Probably the highlight that took it all was we got a special visitor to the mission this week. President Drake was all mysterious about it but it was announced a few days ago that David Archuleta was coming to visit the mission! It would be a missionary fireside, and in order to come you have to bring a Recent Convert or Investigator. We made sure we were able to go. So he came yesterday at 5PM and told us about his life and gave a great talk. Oh yeah and I guess he sang some songs too haha. One thing I thought was cool is David shared how when he was auditioning for American Idol he decided that if this was to go anywhere, he needed to make the commitment to read from the scriptures every day, make sure he prayed every day, and go to church. He was really committed to stay gospel focused. He did say that during all his touring as a 17 year old he kinda went "inactive" because his manager kept saying he was too busy to go to church and all that, but a year later his keyboardist who also was Mormon told him that if he wanted to go to Church, he shouldn't let others tell him what to do. So he starting coming back to church, he went where ever he was. He also went weekly to the temple. He also shared a few experiences from his mission. It was a great devotional. I should probably also mention that the reason he came to visit the mission his because his sister is serving as a missionary here and she finishes in a week. David said he came was because he was doing something for Deseret Book in Houston, but we all know the reason was to come visit his sister before she went home lol. He also wanted to shake everyone's hands so I shook his hand and told him he once sat behind my mom at one of his past companion's homecomings. He probably forgot about it by now haha.

We had some great missionary miracles this week. We had a booth on campus on Tuesday. With the booth we were able to talk to SO MANY PEOPLE! It was great! We have already met with a couple of the people we found at the booth a few more times. So we will have to see if any of them end up with potential. There's so much work to be done here at Lamar that with transfers looming around the corner next week I will be sad to leave if I get transferred. We had so much fun and talked to so many people we took a pic of us. I also took a lot of pictures this week because we did so much.

I should also mention we went bowling last pday. Yours truly ended up with the highest score. We took a fun district photo after.

More exchanges happened this week. I went up to an area that bordered Fred. It's called Woodville. There's a senior couple also serving up there, So I spent the day with Elder Fainga'a from Tonga, and his companion did splits with the senior couple. Quite a bit of missionary work got done. Let me tell ya, Elder Fainga'a is quite the bold Tongan. We knocked on a trailer and their investigator told us to come in only so he could tell us he needed to reschedule. Elder Fainga'a just grabbed a chair and asked if he could sit down. Elder Fainga'a is also intimidating, so the investigator said we could visit for a few minutes. After about an hour, we had taught a great lesson and put a new investigator on date for baptism. The investigator had a friend over, and she was super interested. It was great to see miracles that come from being bold. The spirit was also present, so it truly was a great moment to deepen their conversion toward Jesus Christ.

I also had exchanges with some Spanish Elderes this week. They committed me to learn more spanish�c I didn't think I did that bad haha.

Anyways, that about sums this week up!

Elder Henry Blackburn
Texas Houston East Mission

Elder Blackburn said he won the bowling with a score of 124...not too bad!

He also is "famous" for taking pictures of sleeping missionaries

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