Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

I think I have already overstated how much I like being in this area,
and I still do. Every area comes with it's unique challenges and
perks. But we just keep having wonderful weeks and it's hard to see
bad in areas!

So Easter Sunday was yesterday, and it came with it's set of miracles.
Working in the YSA is interesting because the only people you can get
to church are individuals. Families are referred to the family ward
missionaries. So sometimes it's a struggle meeting mission standards
when it comes to reaching our goal of people at sacrament meeting
because we can't just have a family of 5 show up haha. But this week
we had 3 individual investigators come!! We were so excited! The best
part is all of them are from India. Our Branch President thought it
was awesome. His daughter is named India, so he took a picture with
all of them. I will make sure to include the picture.

One of our investigators is progressing along super well. This
past week he has attended FHE on Monday, Institute on Wednesday, and
Church yesterday. He also met with us throughout the week for the
lessons. He has learned so much, he practically has a Christian
background now. We had one distinct lesson with him this week where he
just asked so many questions. He even decided he needed a notebook so
he could take notes. He wanted to know about the BoM & the Bible and
their timelines. He wanted to know What an Apostle and Prophet are
(we've taught these things before, but now he really wants it to
stick), he also wanted to know about the Plan of Salvation since we
talked about the Resurrection during institute. One interesting
experience I've notice while teaching someone without a Christian
background is how much the Restoration makes sense. All the people
I've taught struggle with the idea of Apostasy and a Restoration. But
if you take off those typical Christian blinders, it makes total
sense. Teaching him that Christ established a Church that had
Apostles, Prophets, and Priesthood, then it was lost, and now it's
been restored and have those 3 things back exactly how they were make
total sense to him. It's just helping him accept Christ that's
different. But he is willing!!

We also got soaked when attending a Lamar event outside on an
exchange. We found a some people willing to talk with us.

Have a great week!

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