Monday, March 20, 2017


"I only believe in science"

So what would you do if you knock on someone's door and with an accent like the guy in Nacho Libre tells you, "I don't believe in God, I only believe in science." Well that happened to us this week. I couldn't tell if the guy was serious or not so I refrained from laughing which turned out to be a good thing because this guy was totally serious. He lives by Lamar at an apartment complex we were knocking. It was a great moment in my mission. He was from India so I doubt he's ever seen Nacho Libre..

We had an amazing week this week here in the Beaumont Zone. Not only are we experiencing miracles, but the other Elders in the Zone are doing great as well.

The first exchange I went on this week was with Elder Jones in the Beaumont 6th area. He's a great Elder and with his companion, they are working hard and doing great. Elder Jones is actually from Kaysville! He went to Davis.We had a wonderful day together as we were able to pick up 3 new investigators and invite 7 people to baptism. Beaumont has a lot of potential! Elder Jones and his companion Elder Penrod also baptized this week. I was able to teach their investigator over an exchange I had with them a few weeks ago. I was so excited for them!

The second exchange I went on was with the Fred Elders. It was so amazing being able to go back to my old area that I loved so much. What was really unexpected was what happened at 5:55 a.m. on the morning of my exchange in Fred. The noise of an Elder tripping over a bike wakes me up just a little bit, but I was still super drowsy from the Benadryl I had taken the night before. All of the sudden the lights flip on and an air horn goes off. My sloth-like reflexes do me no good as a pie tin full of whipped cream gets hurled at my face, and makes contact. Elder Bohne was more fortunate as he manages to make out the pie tin right before the lights flip on. Knowing what happens when Elders have pie tins, he dodges the pie tin by covering his head with his blanket. Then to my delightful surprise I hear Brother Odom's voice through my whipped cream filled ears. Turns out the Fred elders and brother Odom have been planning to prank us all week long. They took pictures and I will attach them below. I'm gonna have to figure out a good time to get them all back ;)

After a wonderful District meeting by Elder Hobbs, we proceeded to have quite a remarkable day with the Fred Elders. The biggest miracle was the first people we tried were some referrals given by some awesome members of the ward. The referrals had just moved into town, and the missionaries had talked with them once. A large portion of their family was home and digging a drainage ditch in their backyard. Naturally we asked if they needed help and soon we too were helping digging the ditch. Since there was a large group of people there, as we worked we all started talking to different individuals. Eventually all our conversations led to talking about the Restoration. The guy I was talking too just moved to Spurger from New York. I asked him if he knew where Palmyra was. He said yes and soon I was sharing about Joseph Smith and his experience with religion. He was very interested and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon before we left. The entire family became New Investigators and accepted a baptismal challenge. It was amazing!

I could write more but I don't want this to be super long :P Hope y'all have a great week! We are going to the temple tomorrow! Super excited!! We have a busy week ahead of us. Transfer calls come Saturday. I hope I stay!


Elder Blackburn

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