Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Y'All

Hey Y'all!

Lot's of craziness happened this week! I'm not sure where all the time
went because I swear it was Monday again just a day ago.

We've been busy with lots of meetings and planning this week.

MLC was on Tuesday, so all the ZLs and STLs got together with
President Drake and the APs to discuss how the mission is doing and
also to discuss any changes if they are to occur. We talk about the
new fundamental focus of Teach People, Not Lessons for the month along
with focusing on developing the specific skill of Asking Inspired
Questions. We talked about these things and got training on them by
the APs so we could prepare for Zone Meeting and Teach them to our
missionaries. In preparation for that we've been trying harder to
develop these necessary skills as missionaries, we have definitely
felt the spirit a whole lot more in our contacting and teaching. You
really have to rely on the spirit when Asking Inspired Questions!

We've done a lot of finding and teaching this week. We have this
really solid investigator. We've taught her multiple
times and she's started reading the Book of Mormon. It was funny, we
showed up and asked her how the reading went. She told us she only
read a little bit, and then preceded to tell us all of JSH. It was
pretty neat. She committed to come to church but something came up. We
know it'll take time but she'll be baptized for sure!

We also had our prayers answered this week. 3 weeks ago we taught our
other investigator. He was really enthusiastic about
investigating and coming to Church. However he was going to be
unavailable up until this past Monday. We tried so hard to get in
contact with him, but nothing worked out. So we've been praying that
he would call us. And on Friday, he did! He explained that the tests
he's been taking are not going the way he would want them to be.
Francis is also from India, so if his grades aren't good he will have
to leave Lamar and return home. He really wants to stay here, that's
why he's stressing so much. But we had a good talk with him about
faith and how much God loves him. We have hopes to talk with him again
this week!

Cool things are happening here in Beaumont!
Spring break is this week here at Lamar, hopefully we'll be able to
find people! Elder Bohne and I already concluded that the only new
people we'll be able to find this week are Hindus because they are the
only ones that can't go home for spring break lol.


Elder Henry Blackburn
Texas Houston East Mission

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