Monday, December 12, 2016

Two Weeks Until Christmas!


Hellooooo everyone!

We had a fantastic week this week! We are overjoyed with some progress we made with a solid Part Member family we've been teaching. Both the parents work so it's hard to coordinate lessons sometimes, and we haven't seen them in a while but we got in with them yesterday. One of the things we wanted to do with them is set up a baptismal calendar. Basically we set a baptism date and view all the lessons and things they need to do in order to be baptized. Then they fill in all their free days and we scheduled everything right then and there. So we tried doing that with the PM family and they said it's gonna be hard this month because of the holidays but we can come by every Sunday! So that was awesome. Also another person we are teaching told us of how every time we come by, something good happens. So she's totally on board to meet with us often. We had a member with us too, it was a great lesson.

We also had this sweet find a couple days ago. We were doing our Hour of Power (where we try and dedicate an Hour to finding) and we decided to try some potentials nearby. We haven't gotten in with them since our first contact, so it was worth a try. As well walk around the corner, we see a guy in the driveway filling up his car with oil. We walk over and introduce ourselves and he tells us his name and we ask if he needs any help. He declines and after asking about some car stuff we are soon on the topic of the gospel. Reuben tells us he isn't too active into religion, but we started talking and he listened to the entire Restoration! It was awesome.

We also had some events this week like Interview training, Zone meeting, and our Ward Christmas party! It was weird to think this was my last Ward Christmas party on the mission. We had some non members show up. A recent convert lady brought her non member son. We made sure to introduce ourselves. It was funny he doesn't know really anything about the church, and at the party there was a place where you could write letters to the missionaries that are from the ward and we looked over and saw him writing letters haha it was awesome!

Elder Blackburn

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