Monday, December 19, 2016


So over the course of my mission I've always been skeptical (maybe just jealous) of the stories missionaries tell where they are walking/biking down someone's street when they are prompted to stop and knock on a door and it happened to be in the middle of someone praying/right after they prayed to God to show them the way. But I thought it's been 17 months so it probably wouldn't happen to me...

...until Saturday.

Elder Haymans and I had this day where we were trying less active members because we had absolutely no plans. We had knocked doors in the strange 79 degree heat we just had (it dropped to 40 the next day), and we knocked and knocked and knocked until around 4:30. We decided it was time to try a different side of our area and maybe find some success. We were biking on the greenbelt trails when we look to our left and see the house of a former investigator we haven't been able to get in with recently. Looking back, both Elder Haymans and I both had the thought to go and try the door. But I recognized the house and Elder Haymans suggested we try it. We had passed the house but we turned around and biked back and over to his house. We get to the door and knock.
No Answer.

We ring the doorbell.

No answer.

We knock again

Still no answer. I start turning around when Elder Haymans says "Hey someone's coming" sure enough, we see someone through the glass on the door coming to answer. Brad, the former investigator, answers. His eyes were slightly swollen, as if he has had them shut for something (hint hint). He looks surprised and lets us in. We ask him how he's doing and he responds positive. Rather quickly, the conversation turns gospel related. He starts asking all sorts of questions. Now, I've been on my mission long enough to tell the difference between someone asking questions and waiting for your answer (bible bashers), and those who are humbly seeking what we have to say. His questions were awesome. After an HOUR of discussion, we have them read Moroni's promise. As he finishes, he looks up and says "I think I'm ready to give this a shot again."

We were floored, luckily he keeps the conversation going and tells us the reason he let us in. He tells us "you know, I don't believe in coincidences, and when you knocked I was right in the middle of praying to God, asking for strength and answers."

It was one of those moments where your testimony about missionary work being the best thing on earth is revitalized. We were on cloud 9 of missionary work the rest of the day. It was awesome. I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I really am going to miss these miracles that happen every day. Good thing I have 7 months left!!

Love y'all and merry Christmas!!!

Elder Blackburn

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