Monday, December 5, 2016

Nativity Program & More Food

Hello everyone!

Houston weather right now is at an all time amazing. The temperature
is perfect. I wish it could be like this all year round.

Like most of the south we've been getting a ton of rain. It's been
raining everyday for about 3 days now. We've heard of some minor
flooding in areas closer to the gulf be we are okay. Flooding doesn't
really happen in Kingwood.

Anyways we had some huge events this week! The first one was the 19th
annual Nativity and music festival that the Kingwood Wards do out
here. It's a community service that helps get people into seeing that
Mormons are Christian and other amazing things. I took a lot of photos
and sorry if they're hard to see. So what pretty much happens with the
Nativity exhibit is locals (members and non members) donate their
nativity sets to be on display. There were hundreds of them there!!
And the entire cultural hall is transformed into one gigantic nativity
as well. Then, community music groups (elementary, middle, and high
school choirs and other music guests) come and perform. Especially
with the kid groups, that means their entire family comes :) sneaky!
But it was amazing and a lot of cool things came from it. It was a two
day event and we got to volunteer on the second day. The Director of
the entire event is in our ward and she shared some wonderful
missionary opportunities that came from it. We weren't allowed to
proselyte at the event, but if someone asks questions we are free to
respond and teach. One of the miracles was the man delivering the
poinsettias after a long conversation with the Director asked if he
could come worship with us. He said he's never felt closer to Christ
before. It was a great public service. We also saw two of our
investigators there!!!

We also had some wonderful missionary miracles this week. Our
progressing investigator, Maria, is doing awesome. We are going to set
plans to help her put up her Christmas lights this week. We taught an
amazing lesson on the Plan of Salvation with a member family who knows
her well. She was supposed to come to church on Sunday, like we had a
member set up to go pick her up, but she woke up not feeling well.
We're praying she continues to progress though.

We also found this random guy who told us he had read half the Book of
Mormon already. What?? We were super confused. Here's how it went:
Elder Haymans and I are walking down a street in the country part of
our area when this guy walks out of his trailing and yells, "ARE YALL
LATTER DAY SAINTS?" We were like heck yeah! And pretty soon he tells
us he's read half the Book of Mormon. The guy was really intense and
had some interesting thoughts on the Book. He thought Lehi and his
family made submarines lol. However he really wants to talk with us so
that's good.

One last things is a Rasin' Canes chicken fingers opened up next to
us. I've had it once before in Louisiana and it's delicious! I'll
attach pics of it.

That's all for now! Have a great week!

Elder Henry Blackburn
Texas Houston East Mission

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