Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

This past week was awesome!

I'll start off with how awesome our Thanksgiving was. We ate 3 times.
Missionary life is the best. Our first meal was amazing, it was very
southern in the fact that the family decided to smoke their turkey. I
didn't think it would be as good as traditional but wow was I wrong. I
wanted to eat so much of it but we had 2 other meals that day so I had
to pace myself haha. Our next meal was a very traditional Thanksgiving
and I Loved it as well. After we ate a whole bunch we played charades
with the members and It was a wonderful day. I'm definitely going to
miss being a missionary next Holiday season..

We also saw some huge miracles this week. We've been trying to get in
with this less active member, and haven't had much success, but we
have had some success teaching his grandma. We didn't think much of
it, but now we've taught her a few times and she's on date to be
baptized at the end of the month! We are so excited! She seems super
solid too, and she has some friends in the ward already from when her
grandson was coming to church about a year ago. We're going to get the
ward involved so they can help out too and fellowship.

Another funny thing that happened is a couple days ago we were doing
some good ol' knocking when we saw a guy outside fixing a motorcycle.
We walk over and introduce ourselves and he starts talking about his
bike. Eventually, we lead the discussion into more of a Gospel
Centered one. He starts telling us about his life and when he first
met the missionaries over in El Salvador where he is from. We were
thinking this guy is golden. First off, he's super friendly and he's
met with missionaries in the past! What more would you want! Well we
eventually start piecing together that he might actually be a lost
sheep. When he calls the name Moroni from memory we ask him if he ever
got baptized. He said yeah and it was around 18 years ago when he was
living in south Western Houston. So it was too good to be true. But
now we are gonna start helping him come back to church and plus he's
living with some non member family so we may have an in!!

Member missionary work is also starting to pick up. We ate dinner with
a wonderful family and asked how they think they're doing missionary
work wise. The dad proceeded to tell us that one of his neighbors
expressed interest in learning about the Book of Mormon. Later in the
week we all went over and introduced ourselves and set up an
appointment to teach the neighbor in the member's home on Wednesday!
Honestly this is like my first legit member referral so we're super
pumped over here.

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