Monday, November 21, 2016

Texas winters are the best

So right now is the best weather in Texas. It's crisp and refreshing and it makes us want to be outside all day.

To start off the week we had transfers! My new companion is Elder Haymans! I knew him from when I was in Fred right before I got transferred to Tidwell. He is from Bremerton, Washington. He is awesome and we're gonna have a lot of fun over this transfer and the Holidays especially! The only bad thing is this is his last transfer as a missionary. His two years are up in five weeks, so we're gonna make these next few weeks really count!

We had a super solid week. There was a lot of stressing out the first couple days this week cuz I have to prepare for district meetings now but after some good ol preparation I was feeling good about it. To make it even better the APs decided to show up. Then all the nervousness came back. But don't worry it went really well! The APs had some good things to say and they even laughed when I said some funny stuff.

We actually taught quite a bit of people this week. We had another super solid lesson with this part member family we're teaching. The husband is a member, but he's kinda a lost sheep. We are still trying to get his records from when he was baptized some years ago. His wife is a non member, but she is super receptive. We read 1 Nephi 1 with them and the spirit was super strong. The husband sent us a thank you text later because of some great things that are happening in his life now.

We are also teaching this 14 year old kid. He's super humble. His parents are always working so he spends a lot of time alone. I feel bad for the guy, you can kinda tell he wishes he could just spend time with his family, but instead they always work. We had a great lesson where we read the first chapter of the book of Mormon. I just realized we did that twice this week. We were able to commit him to a baptismal date and to keep reading the BoM.

Another cool miracle that happened this week is I found out a referral I gave the Spanish Missionaries back in Tidwell got baptized. That's was cool.

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