Monday, November 7, 2016


So this week was another good one.

We've been trying to increase our teaching pool all week, and we had this really interesting experience while tracting.

We went up north to the more country side of our area and picked a street in an area where there is a lot of new developments. So these people haven't lived here very long and we hope they are looking for a church to go to. So we are knocking and finally this guy with a huge man bun opens the door and comes to talk with us. He tells us he's met missionaries a number of years ago in Louisiana where he is originally from. Anyways, we talk and he just goes on and on about the universe and Buddha and things. He tells us when we die we just become one with the universe. He was dead serious. He also told us he's the son of a pastor, I just wonder how his dad feels about his zen stuff. Eventually we managed to commit him to read the Book of Mormon, and we were gonna come by at the end of the week to follow up. When we come back, he sees the missionaries coming and gets up and leaves haha.

We've also been teaching Maurice this week. He's the guy who referred himself after we tracted into him a few weeks ago. We came back and he has been reading the Book of Mormon!! We were super excited. He still tells us he's set in his ways, but we know if he keeps reading the Book of Mormon he'll get converted. We just need to make sure he's reading with real intent and for the right reasons.

Also we're going to the temple this Wednesday! We are all super excited. Haha what's funny is the member who is taking us to the temple is a germ crazy and Elder Storey has been a little under the weather so he's been texting us all day making sure he's feeling better so he's good to go for Wednesday.

Alright until next week!

Elder Blackburn

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