Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

the end.

Nah just kidding! We had another wild week over here in Kingwood. All the leaves are falling so when we ride our bikes we get to hear some perfect crunches in the leaves. It's pretty fun!

So we had some great missionary moments this week. The first really big one is we finally got in with a part member family that's super solid, but is just difficult to get in with. It was a miracle we knocked on their door in the first place. We had been in the area trying to meet with another potential, but that appointment fell through so we decided to try them. And to our surprise they were both home! The husband had cancelled work that day due to some painting that was going on at the workplace. So it was a huge miracle they just happened to both be home at the same time. We talked about their conversions a little bit, and they are both down to learn more about the church. We set up another appointment with them, but it didn't work out due to a sudden death in the family :/ but that's ok, we wished them the best and are going to try again this week.

The last highlight I'd like to share is a sweet referral we got. So on Saturday of last week, we talked to this older gentlemen. He wasn't too interested, but we managed to give him a restoration pamphlet. He liked talking to us. Then, on Thursday of this week, we get this referral for the same guy! He had decided he wanted a Book of Mormon. So we right away went back to his house and found him outside. We talked about the Book a little bit, testified, and left it with him after a prayer. We have another appointment with him this Thursday.

so that's how it's going!

Hope yall have a spooky day!


Elder Blackburn

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