Monday, October 24, 2016

Finishing October Strong

Hey everyone! Get ready for a crazy week report!

So this week was by far the busiest week we've had in Kingwood. So many miracles.

To start off the week we went up to check on some of the investigators that live in Porter, which is a country town just outside of Kingwood to the North. The area is split between a few of the other companionships, but we have a good chunk of it. We started biking and we came to this trailer that had all the front steps caved in. We cross it in a big leap and knock on the door. This young mom and her daughter answer and they come out on the porch and sit down on their bench. Then they proceeded to listen to the entire Restoration! It was awesome! They told us they've been looking for a church to go to. What a perfect opportunity to come to the right church.

Besides our finding miracle, The other HUGE miracle of this week was Mary got baptized! She is super strong in faith and courage because she still decided to get baptized against her daughter's wishes. Everyone in the ward was so proud of her! And Mary just wanted to tell everyone how great it felt. She asked for extra programs so she could hand them out to people she knew. So sweet! We also got special permission from President Drake to confirm her at water's edge because the next day (Sunday) was Stake Conference. The baptism was amazing.

Stake Conference was awesome too! We had a visiting authority: Elder Tilleman of the 70. He was super cool! He is an Olympian for the Canadian Basketball team. He has some cool stories. He was also a mission president over in Canada.

So that's my week. Oh also some random member gave us super good pumpkin cookies! It was wonderful!

P.S. Mary doesn't look happy in the photo but in real life she was super excited!

Elder Henry Blackburn
Texas Houston East Mission

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