Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy Times in Kingwood

Hey y'all!

We had a decent week this week, we have a lot of preparations for the baptism that's hopefully happening this weekend.

So when I first got to Kingwood we were working with a super solid lady, we'll call her Mary. She was excited and going to be baptized the following Saturday. We had planned it all out and made all the assignments and even the program. Then we get this phone call Friday night and Mary says she doesn't want to get baptized. Super sad. And then some drama happens with her family and come to find out her daughter was telling her some anti stuff and it was really sad.

But then Thursday happened. We felt like we needed to talk to Mary again. So with help from our Ward Mission Leader we wrote a note and we had plans to leave it on her door. It said things along the lines of trying to seek understanding and we wanted to talk to her. So we bike over to the complex where she lives and her door is open and she's sitting outside. We say hi and ask if we can come talk. She says yes. We have a great conversation and she tells us she misses visiting with us. It was really scary at first because we didn't want to say something that could offend her and then Mary is gone again. So we set up a return appointment for the next day.

When the next day comes, we ended up having a great lesson with her. She told us that she is facing some family opposition with her decision to be baptized, and with the added stress of her potentially moving at the end of the month Mary kinda freaked out and cancelled the baptism. However, this is the miracle part, she said she prayed over her decision to continue to pursue being baptized, and she knows she still needs to!!! It was amazing. The next part is my favorite part, she asked if her baptismal interview is still good or if she needed to get interviewed again. We responded that she would only need to be interviewed again if her baptism was later rather than sooner. So she sat and pondered and then said, "Well, I can't do this Saturday, but how about next Saturday?" We were speechless. Honestly we felt the spirit strongly with this prepared woman. She has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and has a lot of courage to endure what she is going through. Even if it is against her daughter's wishes.  So keep praying that she gets baptized!

That's really it for this week. We have been working with her a lot. We are also hoping to get more solid people to teach!


Elder Blackburn

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