Monday, October 10, 2016

Now in Kingwood

Hey howdy hey

So I've done been transferred!

That's southern talk for I left Tidwell and now I'm in Kingwood! Huge changes, mainly that the Kingwood areas are the least poverty areas in the mission. So there's a lot of huge houses and stuff. Kingwood also has a TON of members, so there are 4 wards down here, with one set of Elders per ward. We are in the Kingwood second Ward. The members are great and love to feed us. That's a huge upside!

Probably my favorite addition though is we have tennis courts in our complex!! We've been playing every morning for workouts :) so after almost 15 months I finally got to play tennis.

Our new address is 2921 Sycamore Springs drive #199
Kingwood, TX 77339

Please write :)

But yeah I'm super excited to be here! My new companion is Elder Storey. He's from Eden, UT. This is his 3rd transfer in the mission, so he just finished being trained and I'm his second companion! So that's pretty cool. He went went to Weber high school.

So some fun things happened this week. They didn't have a study desk in the apartment so I used my carpentry skills I learned from Fred and we made a desk out of a door. I'll attach pics below.

There were also some birthdays in the Zone. There's another Elder with a similar name, Elder Blacker, and we both had birthdays this week. So there were some good celebrations we had. Lots of party!

So as for missionary work I know I'm going to grow a lot here because you have to use the members to find solid people to teach. And I haven't been too good at that. You can have the members help the missionaries or you can have the missionaries help the members. The latter is more effective. Either way, we had some great missionary moments this week.

One day we were biking and this lady waved us down. She told us about her situation. She has watched her family members throughout the years smoke and then get cancer and pass away. She has a sibling in the hospital right now and she's just really stressed out. We had a great conversation and lesson with her, and gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We came back a few days later to follow up and she had read the first half! You can tell she is really stressed out because she then proceeded to talk for 70 minutes straight. She's great though, we're seeing her again tomorrow.

Another cool guy we met is going through some family trouble as well. He listened to us when we knocked on his door. It was cool he came outside and talked to us for a while. We gave him a Book of Mormon and testified that it can bring Us closer to our earthly families as well.

But yeah more fun on the way :)

Elder Blackburn

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