Thursday, September 1, 2016

More rain...and baptisms!

Alright so this week was pretty good. It was super wet I think it
rained every day this week and there some times we would have to wait
for the huge rainstorms to pass before we can do anything outside but
even with that we pretty good numbers this week so we're pretty proud
of ourselves. We also heard there might be a tropical storm happening
sometime soon so that's great.

And probably the best 'wet' thing that happened this week was the
baptism!! It was super cool and really, really stressful. Satan really
 didn't want him to getbaptized. Some really spiritual promptings were
acted upon and ultimately led to his conversion and baptism yesterday. 
In the picture below you will also see Brother Pierce who did the baptism. 
They are life long friends and we were happy he did the baptism because it took some
stress off us. The baptism was really sincere for me as well. He
was the first person that I taught here in the Tidwell area. It is
always comforting to see the fruits of your work. Elder Durtschi and I
have been working so hard and coming home exhausted every night and it
was a wonderful experience to see the baptism go through.

Now for an update on more of the work! To give you an update on our
other investigator Rose, she is planning being baptized in two weeks!
We had such a sweet experience with her this week. She came around to
watching the Restoration dvd that we gave her a while ago, and she
said she loved it so much she watched it multiple times. When the
lesson started we sat down and she said, "guys I have something to
tell you, I can now say I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet!" It was
super cool. We are blessed to have been able to teach her. She is
super humble.  The only problem standing in the way is her health.
She has gotten really sick recently and wasn't able to attend church
yesterday. So we had to move her date back to two weeks away instead
of this weekend. Please keep her in y'alls prayers!

The work here in Tidwell is going really really good I'm really happy
to be here.

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