Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy September!

This month is starting off good, and we've got a lot of work ahead of us.

Some of the highlights of this week include Smitty's confirmation
yesterday! He is officially the newest member of the Ward. The
confirmation was done by Brother Hughes, he's a cool Ward member who
is really good friends with Smitty. They have a lot in common. We are
so happy for George. As long as we can get him hearing in all the
meetings, he'll do just fine. We are still trying to figure some
things out, like yesterday we didn't realize the audio aid is a stake
thing, not a Ward thing, so he couldn't hear during sacrament meeting.
It was our bad and we apologized because we thought they would be here
in the building but they move around. He loves the Gospel Principles
class because he can hear and the instructor is great.

Our current investigator came to church yesterday. I was completely blown away from a
charitable member who helped teach her this week. He offered to
take her to Church every week. EVERY WEEK. I was caught off guard that
someone would offer this. It is a sacrifice, but like what we learned
in district meeting this week if the WHY is bigger than the HOW it
will happen. This member understands the WHY (how important salvation
is). So he doesn't see this as the huge sacrifice it is. I am so glad
there are great members to help us out. Rose is scheduled to be
baptized Sunday. It'll be fun!

A lot of this week was trying to find some more solid people. I've
noticed with city areas down here you can practically teach anyone,
but it's all about finding people who are willing to repent and act.
We have found a few new people, and hopefully we'll be able to put
them on date by the end of this week.

Oh btw I ate grits for the first time yesterday. Some members were
feeding us and they were telling us about all the Southern food
things, and she asked if we had had grits before. I hadn't and she
thought I was crazy since I've been out a while, and elder Durtschi
hasn't either. So she made us a big pot of grits. They were alright,
we kinda ate them like hash browns. We put butter, salt, and pepper on
them. Besides what they're made out of, it tastes like cream of wheat.
So that was fun!

Speaking of food, the members really like Golden Corral down here.
I've been a whole bunch, and I just feel myself gaining 10 pounds
every time I walk in there. I like eating there, but the worst part is
I feel bad if I don't eat a lot since it's not the cheapest place
members could take us, so I always eat a ton. Plus we're hard working
and growing boys so we are usually hungry. So in other words, I've
gained weight this week lol.

Elder Blackburn


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