Monday, September 12, 2016

A New Member in Tidwell!

Hey y'all! This week was super good!

Rose got baptized yesterday!  
The Woodforest Elders also had a baptism
so the Elder who was already wet stayed in the font to help. It went pretty smoothly,
only two times so it went well. We were all so excited. Rose was
probably one of the most prepared people I've met on my mission. It
only took her 9 weeks to become what she is now. She gave up smoking,
coffee, her past beliefs and now she's is 1000x happier. I hope I can
continue to watch peoples' lives change like Rose's through my
mission. I'll attach pictures below! Rose told us she wants a calling
ASAP so she can start serving haha. She's going to make a great

We also picked up a really cool investigator that moved into our area
from another companionship's area. She was
found by the missionaries 11 months ago. She knows the Church is true
and comes frequently and she's been taught everything, there's just
one problem: smoking. And she's made a lot of progress in the past
year, but she's struggling with her last 7. So we are going to try and
get her clean so she can get baptized. She thinks patches are the only
way to help her stop.

We also did a random exchange this week with the Zone Leaders. It was
after a superb Zone meeting. We talked a lot of making sure we are
consecrated. I found a super good talk on that subject. It's called
"Swallowed up in the Will of the Father". It's by Neal A. Maxwell so
it's worth reading 100%. But anyway, we went to the outskirts of their
area and talked with a few people. It's a place currently called
Crosby but not too long ago it was called Lickskillet. I'm not kidding
either haha.

Those are the highlights from this week! Thanks for all your prayers
and support on Rose's behalf! We really appreciated them :)

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