Monday, September 19, 2016

General Conference is Coming!

Hola everyone! I hope you're excited for GENERAL CONFERENCE in two weeks :D

So we had another fantastic week down here in Tidwell. We had some
super sweet miracles this week.

First off, since we've been working so much with our recent baptisms. We
really didn't have any more solid people.. Until this week! We have 4
more people on date to be baptized in October!

We worked pretty hard and found some really cool people. 
One nice liady came about as we were just calling through our potentials list,
and what happened is she didn't answer (typical) but the real miracle
is that she called us back! She told us she recognized it as a sign
from God that she needed to get back in church. So we set up an
appointment this week and met with her. She's super solid, just in a
rough situation right now. We talked about baptism with her, and she
said she's never been baptized because it's a big commitment and she's
"never found the right church to be baptized by." Super cool. She
explained that when she gets baptized, it will be the Church she lives
in for the rest of her life and die in. I think ours is the one! So
she's on date to be baptized next month.

And on to the biggest miracles:

So Rose got confirmed yesterday! Yay! She was so happy. She kept
telling everyone that "today is my Holy Ghost day." She was so
excited. One of the members who helped us teach Rose did the

And the other one is we had a personal record amount of investigators
at Church yesterday! One of the super solid potentials we found last
week came to church! It was really funny, we didn't realize
she's still in high school (but she's 18) so our young women's
president helped her all Sunday. And the YW sang in sacrament meeting
so she sang with everyone. That was exciting. I can't imagine your
first Sunday at a new church and your singing in front of everyone. It
went well though. She also brought her older sister along! So that
was a plus. So that was 3 investigators at Church. That's the most I've ever had.

Alright well that's the exciting things happening over here. Take care
y'all have a blessed day!

Also if you want to here Nephi talking about the south read 2 Nephi
28. He talks a lot about false churches and it sounds EXACTLY like
what people experience down here.

Elder Blackburn

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