Monday, September 26, 2016

More Good Things from Tidwell

Fun things happening here in Tidwell!

So it's been storming a whole bunch over here this past week so it was
quite wet and muddy. But we still had some cool miracles!

So we have great people to teach one is just trying to follow
God as best as she can. We taught her this week and it was super good.
Since she doesn't know too much, we teach a lot of doctrine so the
struggle is making sure we teach simple so she can retain and learn
it. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson this week. It's a
lot of application. Like for the first two lessons we teach you can
receive revelation and about the Atonement. Now it's all about what we
do in applying those things. Teaching her also makes me thankful for
the Knowledge we have about the fullness of Heavenly Father and
Christ. In the lesson, we got to baptism and on the pamphlet there is
a picture of Christ being baptized. We asked what she saw in the
picture and she was like "Hold up, Christ was baptized?" It was neat
letting someone know the sweet, simple doctrine that Christ was
baptized. We related it to her and she really enjoyed it. Her baptism
is in about two weeks and she can only meet on the weekends so we are
seeing her every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until then. We are so

We also had a bunch of exchanges this week. They were pushed back
until the end of the transfer and so we had exchanges with both the
District and Zone Leaders. Elder Durtschi is a trooper, they decided
to have him lead out Tidwell both times and he did a great job. While
on exchanges, they taught another cool lady we
have on date for baptism. She's coming along, we hope she can make her
date. It's really hard to get a hold of her. I was in the Woodforest's
area for the day. It was super fun, I was with my 'brother'. My
trainer is training again so I have a sibling. Elder Morris is super
cool, he's from Vegas. He's younger than Elder Durtschi, just starting
out! We taught their recent convert. She was baptized the same day as
Rose. She's a super solid member now. She bore her testimony yesterday
in fast and testimony meeting.

Another cool activity was we finally had an Elders quorum activity! It
was a potluck dinner while the women watched the conference session.
Smitty came, it was great to see him. What's been funny is every time
we have an appointment to teach him the recent convert lessons, our DL
or Zls schedule exchanges. So he's gotten to know the other

Well we've only been able to see two of our people on date this week
:/ we have one lady scheduled for the 9th but we've lost contact with
her. We are going to stop by her house today.

For a spiritual thought, in Preach My a Gospel chapter 6 there's an
attribute activity. Under Charity, it asks if you find joy in others'
achievements. I encourage y'all to take this to heart this week.

Elder Blackburn

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