Monday, August 22, 2016

A wet one in Texas!

Alright y'all so transfer calls came and lo and behold Elder Durtschi
and I are staying together in Tidwell! We are super stoked because if
all goes right this should be a wet transfer IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Well talking about getting wet this week has rained a ton! One of the
mornings in particular we made the decision to try some potentials at
the top of our area, about 4 miles away. When we got to the first
house, we turned around to see some super dark clouds coming right for
us. See picture 1 below. Sensing an imminent storm, we started biking
back before it poured. We didn't even make it 2 minutes before it
started dumping rain. Picture 2 & 3 is us after we had finally gotten
home. Biking 4 miles in a storm isn't the best, but it was fun.

Our investigators have been progressing so we did some quality
teaching this week.

Smitty is still stubborn about coffee but he is wanting to join the
church so he is quitting. It's been a hard process to get him to this
point. Luckily, this past weekend he had to go visit his granddaughter
in Tennessee and she doesn't drink coffee so he's not going to drink
any this weekend. It should help him. We taught him a few times this
week and honestly he's ready to get baptized as soon as he's made the
commitment to follow the Word of Wisdom.

Our other super prepared investigator wants to join the
church and become a missionary. Literally she is one of the most
faithful person I've met. She is still weaning off Word of Wisdom
substances of smoking and coffee, but she has made huge progress! She
used to be a chain smoker and she's down to 7 and is still moving it
down so she'll get baptized here in a couple weeks. She's also gone
from a pot of coffee to 1 cup a day and is also working it down.
Seriously she is leaving her nets to follow Christ it's amazing.

The last investigator we've made huge progress with is another miracle. He
made the comment that sometimes what we want and what God has in store
is different but God's choice is the better one. He used to think God
is so angry with him but now he's willing to trust God. He is so much
happier. We see the difference this makes in his life. He is YSA age
and now that he's a solid investigator, we had a pass off lesson with
the Ysa elders yesterday. Henry kept saying how he needs new friends
so YSA will be perfect for him.

We also met with a super cool guy this week. He's kinda in
a difficult situation so we've been texting back and forth for about a
week (he asks a lot of questions, which is good!) and finally we were
able to meet with him on Thursday. He is going to get married soon to
a returning member, and he decided they need God so he wants to join
the church.

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