Monday, August 15, 2016

The work continues...

The work here in Tidwell continues forward.

So we've had some ups and downs and we are definitely trying to iron
out the rough patches with the Lord's help.

So as y'all know we've been teaching one person for a while
now, and things were going pretty smooth until we hit some
commandments. The good thing is he knows this is Gods Church but he
may struggle for the next little bit. So on Tuesday we had scheduled
to teach 3 things: 1) The 10 commandments, 2) tithing, 3) Word of
Wisdom. Here's how the lesson went: knocked, came in, sat down, said a
prayer, asked how his reading went (it went good), and started
teaching. He knows the 10 commandments by heart, he already follows
them and understands them. Tithing was easy too. We just had to
teaching him what the funds are used for, and teach about fasting
since he didn't know what that went. Then came Word of Wisdom. Keep in
mind we maybe spent 10 minutes teaching this whole time so far. We
would spend the next TWO HOURS discussing the Word of Wisdom because
he doesn't think drinking coffee will keep him out of heaven/it's not
a sin. IT WAS TERRIBLE! Luckily, he still wants to make his date for
baptism, and he's willing to try and give it up. It will be so sad if
coffee is his hang up for joining the Church.. Prayers would be

On the other hand we had a super good experience teaching Word of
Wisdom to another one of our investigators. It went how it
should have gone with the other lesson. We taught it to her and since she wants
to join the Church she said it's going to be hard but she'll do it. It
was such a tender mercy hearing her so faithfully agree to living
these hard commandments after what happened earlier in the day. She is
such a spiritual giant. I wish every investigator could be like her!
We always love coming by and teaching her. We also mowed her lawn.
Then it rained 4 inches in an hour. Lots of flooding! We almost
couldn't make it home after.

The last experience of this week that I'm going to write about
involves an investigator that we found/taught a while ago. His name is
Henry. He was such a miracle find and we were disappointed when
we lost contact with him.. Until this week! It was a huge miracle. We
were biking to a lesson and we saw him outside again. We stopped and
talk to him and it went super good. Things in his life went back to
going downhill when he stopped meeting with us, but when he was just
about to give up again, we showed up! So hopefully this time he'll be
open to meeting with us more. What was even cooler was he came to
church yesterday! He even bought a white shirt so he could come. He's
also super open with us, it was really neat we were texting him about
church and he wanted to ask us the question why we care so much about
him. It kinda caught us off guard because he wanted to know why two
strangers would care so much as to invite him to learn about God and
want him to come to church. "Nobody has ever done that for me" he told
us. It was one of those heart-warming missionary moments that just
confirms that being on a mission is where you need to be and that this
is Gods work. It's like one of those moments where you feel a tiny
sliver of what Heavenly Father feels but this time concerning his work
and glory (Moses 1:39).

Anyways, this week was full of surprises. Some were captured in photos:

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