Monday, August 1, 2016

A Great Week!

Hey y'all! This week was crazy amazing, it's going to be hard to beat!

Zone Conference was a cool event on Tuesday. A huge storm passed
through but luckily we were all in the meeting so we stayed dry!
President Drake talked about how important it is that there is no
contention between companions. So he committed us to not say anything
negative about or to our companion. The APs did a really good segment
on teaching doctrine. We are going to focus on PMG chapter 10 next
month. Teaching Doctrine and Asking Inspired questions are extremely
necessary in what goes into a lesson. There were some great takeaways.

We had some miracles happen this week. The first one is our one
investigator is progressing towards baptism like a champ. We
taught him twice this week, and on he second visit he called us up to
schedule an appointment! That never happens btw. He's been reading the
Book of Mormon a ton. But by far the coolest experience was when he
came to Church on Sunday. Near the end of the lesson he raised his
hand and asked the Gospel Principles teacher a question. That question
was this and I quote: "every time I read the Book of Mormon I get the
feeling that no man could write this. So if I know the Book of Mormon
is from God and not man should I get baptized even though I don't
understand everything?" I wish someone had taken a picture of all of
our faces. We were all stunned. The gospel principles teacher
 is my new favorite person for his response.   He is a former Bishop
and a convert, and currently our ward mission leader.
He talked about his conversion when he was 16. He didn't know
everything but he knew the Book of Mormon was true.  It was a great moment!

We also had another investigator at church today, it was her first time
and I think she enjoyed it, we set an appointment to visit her again.

We also found a super prepared guy, we found him while
biking to an appointment. He said the missionaries came by a year ago
and then disappeared. And he's been reading the Book of Mormon on and
off since then. We were really surprised! We put him on date for baptism at the end
of next month. We're excited to continue teaching him. He wasn't home
for our second appointment we set up with him, so we'll see how solid
he is pretty soon.

Today's inspirational thought comes from Gordon B. Hinckley's book,
"Stand A Little Taller". It's got spiritual inspiration for each day
of the year.

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