Monday, May 30, 2016

Almost June!

Howdy y'all! I hope these tropical storms aren't affecting you!

Let's just say we had the experience of experiencing a tropical storm,
while we were on our bikes. That leads to some wet missionaries!
Shout out to the Odom family for letting us come dry off at their
place and being an awesome family!

We had a pretty good week. Transfer calls have come and gone and I get
to stay in the Fred mansion for another transfer Fred is such a
cool area and I'm gonna miss it when I eventually leave, but I've got
6 more weeks.

We've been teaching a lot lately. Our investigator pool has grown a
lot since I first came here to Fred, and that's mostly because I've
been blessed to have super good companions who want to work hard.

One of them was part of all the miracles that were able to happen last week
 in the Warren part of our area. We had a good lesson with an investigator -
 He told us he was about to read the Bookof Mormon but had been taught 
if it doesn't say King James on it he could not read it. 
So we read with him when we had our lesson and
continued to explain the importance of it to him. Then we talked a lot
about baptism and why it's necessary. He asked us a really good
question of why baptism. It was a great opportunity to read 2 Ne. 31
with him and show I'm the importance. I love how the Book of Mormon
answers questions. There's an entire page in Preach My Gospel of how
the Book of Mormon answers some of life's greatest questions (chapter
5). It's one of my favorites to read.

We had some good people at Church yesterday. The less active member
who we've been working with for a while came to church again
yesterday! We reminded him about it Saturday night and he pretty much found his
own ride to church! He showed up with a member and we were excited to
see him there.

Alright gang sorry for the short one this week we have an activity
planned for the day so I'll hear more from you next week!

Elder Blackburn

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