Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We believe these are pics from a recent District or Zone meeting...

Time just keeps whizzing past! I hit ten months yesterday, which means
in two months I'll hit the big year mark

Alright y'all so this week was fantastic. It was also super hot so we
did a lot of sweating and drinking water haha.

We had a couple super days in a part of our area in a town called
Warren. We were on our bikes all day that day, but first we had to get
there. So we drove to the one member's house that lives down there in
Warren and unloaded our bikes and went down a street we hadn't been

I'm happy to say we found some cool people! The first person we talked
too was an interesting kid. We knocked on his door and we
hear this window open and this young man stuck his head out
and says "Hi!" It kinda caught us off guard because we
didn't see him open the window. We just knocked and all of all of a
sudden some is yelling hi to us haha. But he was super cool and let us
right in. He's going to be an interesting guy to talk to, he doesn't
really have a relationship with God so we focused on why it's
important to have one. He's super sincere and friendly so we're gonna
be happy to start teaching him!

Another solid person was this lady who saw us coming up to her
trailer, so she came outside to talk to us. She was wearing this cool
Jesus shirt so we knew she was religious. We started a normal contact,
introduced ourselves and she was kinda interested so Elder Rasband
goes to set up a return appointment. So he asked her if we could set
up a time when we could come by and share more. Instead of the usual
"yes" or "no" we typically get, she just stood there with a confused
expression and asked us, "share more about what?" "Share more about
our message of course!" "Well, let's hear it!" So we just went into
the Restoration a little bit and when we got to Joseph Smith and the
first vision she asked us a really sincere question. She asked us "Do
you really believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet" and we both bore
our testimonies how we KNOW Joseph Smith was and is a prophet. It was
a neat experience. She asked if we had any material she could read,
and don't worry, we gave her a Book of Mormon to read from . We're
seeing her again tomorrow and she has a friend who's a member so we're
gonna have a great time.

Oh and we also taught that one guy we found on Mother's Day. We
committed him to read 3 Ne. 11 but instead he accidentally read 3 Ne
10 so he was super confused. He told us he can't see how this compares
to the Bible so we had to do a lot of explaining and we read the intro
to the Book of Mormon and cleared a lot of stuff up. He said he had
also "done some research" and had some questions for us. We referred
him to for any further research he wants to do He then
told us he's going out of town for two weeks so hopefully we'll see
him when he comes back. We're still gonna call him every week to check
up on him though!

For spiritualness I keep loving 2 Ne. 31. I've used this chapter A TON
on my mission showing people how the Book of Mormon and Bible support
each other. That one and the next two are good reads


Geez I almost forgot to tell you about our conference with Elder Snow
of the Seventy! Apparently he grew up with President Drake in St.
George and knows him real well. He spoke and it was awesome even
though there was thundering and craziness going on outside from the
storm that was passing over. He helped us understand the different
roles the Holy Ghost has, and how each of those roles work and feel to
us so we can recognize them. For example as Comforter, we will feel
peace and joy. As Revelator, we will feel promptings in our heart and
mind. The other two are Testifier and Sanctifier. Read Mosiah 5:2 if
you want to know more about the role as Sanctifier and how he makes us
more pure.

Elder Blackburn

Henry has turned into quite the seafood eater -

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