Monday, May 16, 2016

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

Hey everyone! We have a forecast of 4 days of rain so I'll be soaked
for the next little bit.

We had a super week this week. We finally were able to find some new
investigators, we've been in a drought for a little bit and the ones
we found have some super sweet miracles with them.

One is a daughter of a less active member. She's always heard stuff
about the church from him and just has always had a whole bunch of
questions. So she'd ask us stuff and we'd answer, and she would want
evidence out of the bible of what we testified of. She's really into
the bible and tries her best to use discernment. It was a really cool
lesson, the spirit was strong and she accepted to read the Book of
Mormon and pray about it. We found out she attends this tiny little
church across from our trailer, it's no bigger than a small house and
there's only 7ish cars that show up every week. If they do like a
bible study there we might check it out and hope to convert everyone
there haha.

This weekend was sad at first. The legit people we found last week and
the week before called us and had to push it back another week. But it
led us being able to find a new investigator. We were tracting in a distant place
of our area with a member and we see this young guy outside so we go
talk to him. He had just got done mowing his lawn and was real
friendly to us, so we start asking if he goes to church and things
like that. His reply was interesting. He said he's going to a Baptist
church but he's not Baptist. We asked him what that meant and he said
he's searching for the truth and is currently going to a baptist
church to see if it's right. Bingo! He pretty much just said come
teach me please! So we shared how a young boy named Joseph Smith was
in a similar situation looking for truth and the right church to join.
We share the Joseph Smith experience and then he asks us a legit
question. He asked our view on the trinity because he doesn't believe
In the trinity. We testified that Joseph Smith saw two personages and
he can come to know they are separate in the Godhead through prayer
and reading the Book of Mormon. It all happened so fast, before I knew
it we had given him a copy to read from and we set up an appointment
for next week. The member we brought out was this young kid and he was
super excited to see this miracle unfold.

We also did a ton of service this week too. A friend of a member
needed help cutting some trees so we tagged along as the members used
their chainsaws and we stacked these big logs and used a lot splitter
to split them. We were super tired after! We also helped this member
clear some weeds. It was really funny because he handed Elder Rasband
a trimmer and me a machete. So I took some tennis swings to those
weeds and they were gone in no time! Got a few blisters from it
though, but all is well.

The whole mission is studying 3 Ne 11 this week with the doctrine of
Christ, so I encourage you all to read it and look for applications in
your own life. Before you read it, pray that Heavenly Father will show
you what you need to learn.

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