Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seven Months Down...

7 months today!

We had an interesting, but GREAT week this week! We were able to find
some sweet new people this week, we hope they will bear fruit in he
Lord's time.

So two Saturdays ago and then on Thursday we have been helping this
guy who we found with his project. The project was pretty much
doubling the size of his driveway, but we had to dig down, even the
ground, and then pour and smooth concrete. I've never done concrete
work before but it was more fun then I thought it would be- it just
felt like playing in the mud for a couple of hours . I'll attach a
pic of the finished product, but anyways the guy was super grateful
for the help because it was just gonna be him and his dad (and his dad
is old but legit. When he had to take breaks, which was about every 5
minutes, he would pull out his wooden pipe and smoke. He was like a
Texan Gandalf or something) but without us the project would have
taken forever. But anyways, the guy was super warmed up to us because
of the service we provided, and then we saw a miracle. So we had a
jam-packed schedule for the day so we had to work super quick to make
our appointments on time, but what happened is his dad was late
getting to the concrete place, so it gave us the perfect opportunity
to teach him the Restoration. The spirit was strong and he gladly
accepted a Book of Mormon. What was cool was leading up to him
accepting a copy. While we were working and talking we got on the
topic of service. He shared an experience of when he helped somebody
and said "I just feel good when I serve people." Seeing this as a
teaching opportunity, we asked him why we feel good when we serve. He
said "probably because it's what we're supposed to do, it makes God
happy." And we were like exactly! And then we explained the Holy Ghost
and how it brings God's love. And then the cool part was we showed him
Mosiah 2:17 "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are
only in the service of your God." And the spirit was like BAM! The
Book of Mormon is true. Then he accepted a copy. We are seeing him
again on Tuesday, so we are excited to see where it goes!

We also had some legit spiritual speakers this week. We also had zone
conference and a special stake conference yesterday. There was a funny
typo on the program, but we got to hear from Richard J. Maynes of the
Seventy! It was awesome! He shares some really cool insights about
building Zion. It was cool he testified of how Zion is first built in
the home, and then it builds up from there. It was cool!

Hope y'all had a spiritual week!
Elder Blackburn

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