Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

From your missionary Valentine

Hey y'all! I hope your Valentine's Day was as big as Texas! Haha..

Anyways, mom thank you for the package! Funny story: elder Whitlock
has been expecting a package for about two weeks, so when we got a
note in our mailbox saying we had one we just both assumed it was his
because the one you sent was shipped Monday. So the next morning we go
to to the office, they hand him the package, Elder Whitlock signs for
it, and we walk home. Just after we left the office Whitlock stops and
stares at the label. He lets out a sigh and hands me the box. He tells
me "it's says Blackburn." And I was like, no way! I thought it was
hilarious and I had already told him that if by chance mine gets here
before his I'm gonna laugh. And Laugh I did! The package was awesome!
I LOVE the star wars shirt haha! It's perfect. And the tie is sweet!
Just the other day I was thinking I need another green one. You read
my mind! I didn't realize you were sending me more razors, shaving
cream, deodorant, and instant breakfasts. I'm hardly through the ones
you gave me in my last package so for those items, let's take a break
from those for a good while :) they are much appreciated! And the
Valentine's Day cookies made my day too. Oh and don't worry about
Elder Whitlock, his package came that night so he's happy too!

For the week we had some really awesome teaching experiences! It made
not only our investigators feel good, but us as well.

The Hermanas that help cover our area recently gave us a referral for
a family. We saw them on Tuesday with a member and it was a
interesting experience. The kids that were there are young, ages 10,
8, and 6, and the mom was home but the dad was working. In the past
few months they have moved down here from Cali to be closer to family.
Down there they told us they had some really religious active
neighbors (we still couldn't tell whether or not they were LDS or
Jehovah Witnesses) and they would invite them to activities and
whatnot. So they were open to us and apparently the kids are the ones
who really want to learn more. They currently go to a Catholic Church
nearby but the kids have a lot of questions that the church won't
answer for them. We have plans to see them this next week, and we are
going to bring some crafts and games to help teach them. It's gonna be

And we also have some more good news about our almost golden
investigator. Although she was unable to come to Church
yesterday, we had one of the most fantastic Plan of Salvation lessons
with her this week. She has always had a whole bunch of questions
concerning life, death, and the like. And now she has all the answers
to them! There were some really awesome moments when we were teaching
her. When we were teaching about the spirit world, we had her read
about it in the pamphlet, and right after her eyes lit up as she
explained "our memories of this life remain with us?! I always thought
they did. I had a friend who told me that..." And my favorite moment
was at the end when we asked her if she had questions about what we
taught. She didn't, but she told us how happy she felt after we talk
to her and how she just feels so close to God. Of course we testified
that what she was feeling was the Holy Ghost but it was awesome to
just see how much peace comes from not only knowing the Gospel but
being the person who brings that Gospel to those that need it.

Anyways, remember that Elder B loves you!

Elder Blackburn

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