Monday, January 11, 2016

Not so good at directions...

Happy 2016!! This is the big year for my mission.

We FINALLY got some cold weather this week. This helped our ward New
Years bowl be a success. Unlike our thanksgiving bowl that was 80
degrees, we were in the fifties with a light drizzle of rain. We split
into four teams and made a small bracket: English missionaries vs
Spanish members and English members vs Spanish missionaries. I am also
happy to report that English missionaries won again.

With the Holidays slowing down, we are hitting the ground running this
week after a slower week last week. With The new year holiday, our
curfew was set earlier for a couple days so we didn't get caught in
any troublesome situations, but we did use our time to the fullest of
our abilities.

One memorable moment this week was the exchange we had with our Zone
Leaders. I stayed here with Elder Reed, and elder Andrew went up
north. We were heading to an appointment when we decided to make a
stop and try a last ditch effort to take a member out to a lesson with
us. We had called a few that morning, but since none had replied, we
decided to stop at a McDonald's and make some calls. After about ten
minutes of making calls, elder reed noticed a young lady staring at
him. He asked her how she was doing, and this lady immediately began
asking spiritual questions. We were caught off guard! Come to find
out, this lady had come to the states from Paris (her accent is cool
too) and she has had a lot of spiritual questions on her mind. We
ended up teaching her a full restoration right then and there, and as
soon as we pulled out a Book of Mormon she asked if she could have
one. She is super sincere and my favorite part was when we were
teaching her about prophets and we got to Joseph Smith she said
"Joseph Smith is a prophet?? How come nobody told me this before??"
And she was really interested in the lesson. It was great! The only
problem is she's homeless so we don't know how to get back with her.
She only told us she comes to this McDonald's a lot. I don't know
where this road ends, but I'm glad we were able to contact her when we

The other memorable moment this week was when we were biking to a
members house for dinner. Sister Brown was feeding us and some other
missionaries, so we thought we were the halfway point. So another
companionship of missionaries met us at our place, and we began the
bike ride to our appointment. We had no clue where this member lived,
just and address. So we plugged it into our maps app and started
biking. When we reached the area where she lived, elder Andrew checked
the map again and said we were only half way. After about an hour of
straight biking, we finally reached Tavenor Lane. We knew something
was up when it quickly turned into a dead end. The set of missionaries
that were already at the dinner appointment called us and asked us
where we were. We were on the corner of Tavenor and Cullen (idk) but
as soon as elder Andrew started laughing while looking at his map, we
knew we were in trouble. We had biked to Tavenor Lane, but it was the
Tavenor Lane that was 3 miles outside our mission. We were well into
the Houston mission. I'll attach a picture that shows our adventure.
As soon as our district leader heard we were outside the mission, they
sped over and picked us up. Thank heavens! It was about 9 miles I
think. On the picture: blue-where we started. Orange-our appointment.
Red-our mission boundary. Green-where we ended up.

Pretty crazy stuff! Hope y'all enjoyed the holidays!

Elder Blackburn.

P.s. The Texans are in the playoffs. Everyone down here is super excited

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