Sunday, January 3, 2016

Grateful for the work and all the good wishes

I can't believe that Christmas was 3 days ago! The time sure does go
quick out here. I enjoyed "Skyping" with you guys :) and to see Finn!
The Skype was definitely the highlight of my week, Christmas sure did
hit home this year! We did have a cool experience with one of our new
investigators yesterday. We've been stopping by trying to catch him
not busy for a while now, and over the past few days, we finally were
able to teach him a little bit. We taught him more about the Book of
Mormon and he said he would read some. Then yesterday, we stopped by
and he was super happy! He was sweeping his driveway, so we helped him
sweep and after he wanted to feed us! Super cool! He and his family
are originally from Mexico, and he said his wife is well known for her
cooking skills. So they grilled us some beef, marinated chicken,
tortillas, and other good things. It was some of the best Mexican food
I've had out here. After, our investigator said he'd been reading the
book a little bit. He speaks better Spanish than English, so we are
deciding on whether or not to give him to the Hermanas. But he's doing
good now!
After we ate with him yesterday, a Huge rainstorm came through
Houston, so we got drenched in rain and had to dry out a little bit.
Most of the missionaries in our district were outside when it hit, one
companionship told us they went to the church and dried out their
clothes in the bathroom haha. This morning, we are still feeling the
effects of the storm. A huge cold front has moved through and it feels
super good outside. It's actually cold! It feels refreshing.
We were able to do a solid amount of lessons this week, we had some
member presents lessons fall through but we are gonna try harder next week.
Christmas Day was a huge relief though. The Ward had some great things
for us. The night before, the ward had dropped off a huge box that we
didn't open until Christmas. It was awesome- full of laundry
detergent, food, toiletries, we were super grateful for the whole
thing because we know the members aren't super wealthy down here in
Broadway so we definitely felt the love in that. We had a great
Christmas lunch, then after a while we finally were able to skype
y'all. That was a blessing! Seeing everyone made me miss home but
after we went out doing work the next day the trunkyness went away.
Hope y'all had a great week!

Elder Blackburn

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