Monday, December 14, 2015

75 degrees and Sunny in Houston

Hey y'all! Sounds like Utah is snowed in! I will be sending you guys
some videos from last week giving y'all a tour of our nice apartment
:) Sounds like Spencer's farewell was a spiritual bomb! I will be
eagerly waiting that talk :) I'm so happy he's going on a mission, I
can't believe he leaves this week! Crazy, I wish I coulda been there,
but where I'm at now is pretty important too :)

My week was super interesting! We have had some crazy weather this
week... Mostly clear skies and sunny lol. It feels like spring 24/7
down here haha. Elder Andrew has been sick a week, so we had a lot of
service done this week since that's about all we could do. We did,
however, have another stellar Sunday. Both investigators who came to
church two weeks ago came again! We also had our ward Christmas party
where they came as Christmas party also. The party wasn't nearly as
good as last years, it made me think of mads lol. But Sacrament
meeting was really spiritual for them, we have appointments to meet
with them later this week. The reason we were so excited is because we
haven't been able to see them in two weeks, and it was a little
miracle we were able to witness. We also had another awesome little
miracle where we were able to teach a guy we found on the street. We
are going to try and gage his interest because we had an awesome
district meeting this week on wheat and tares.

The Christmas tree is looking good with ornaments! I have a big pile
still that I need to stick on :) hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Blackburn

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