Monday, December 14, 2015

Staying in Houston

Well transfer calls came yesterday, and Elder Andrew and I are staying
in Houston together! I have a feeling I will be here a long time. Most
of the Ward members and missionaries leaving have been here a while so
I most likely won't get transferred again until March or so. But idk
President Drake is super unpredictable. Today's schedule is
different up because every other English companionship besides ourselves
had someone go, so we are all alone in the south eastern part of the
mission. We border the Houston South mission on our south Border. I'll
send you a picture of our area so you can see what I mean. Week six of
transfers always fly by. There is tons of excitement when calls come.
We had a lot of service going on last week. We helped a Spanish member
who lives close by redo a lot of his lawn. The Hermanas who usually
visit him came too, it was a lot of fun. How did y'all like the
Christmas devotional yesterday? I was surprised president Monson
didn't speak, but I was happy that David A. Bednar spoke. He always
makes doctrine and such seem so real. He's able to apply teachings
super well. It was a treat to hear him speak.
And thanks for all the effort to get me Christmas tree ornaments! All
the many letters I'm getting from people back home make me happy and
Elder Andrew jealous :) it's ok his family is sending him stuff too.
We had a really good short lesson with this teenager kid we've been
trying to teach, and this week he finally had time to listen! He
didn't have much time to talk, but we taught him about the Book of
Mormon, gave him one, and set up a time for next week. It probably
doesn't seem like much, but we've been trying to talk to him all
transfer and we finally got in with him this week. I was super
grateful for this tender mercy.

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