Sunday, January 3, 2016

Getting close to Christmas

This is Henry's post from Dec 21st - thanks to everyone who contributed paper ornaments for his Christmas tree.  Below are a couple of pics:


Hey everyone! I hope your week was as good as mine! We had some
awesome things happen this week, and I can't believe how fast it went
by. We pretty much had something everyday this week, so it was super
One cool miracle happened on Tuesday. We were tracting by a members
house before a dinner appointment we had with them. On the third door
we knocked, a lady opened and stepped outside to talk to us. Her front
porch was gated so we spoke through the gate, she said that she studies 
with JWitnesses. I thought "great,
here comes a bible bash" but she pointed out that she wasn't a JW, she
just likes studying with them, and she really opened up to us.
Apparently, when she was a kid, her parents would talk with the
Elders, and she attended primary when her parents visited our LDS
services. But since then, she grew up and jumped from church to church
until she found one she liked. She hasn't visited a Mormon church
since she was like 7, so she told us she might come soon. But the real
reason she wanted to talk to us is because she wants us to teach her
kids. She told us everytime she tries to teach her kids like a JW they
just start crying. And from her experience from LDS services, she
knows we have good youth programs. I am excited to go back there soon
and share more with her! We are going to go back there soon.

Then the day after was Christmas Conference! It was great! We had some
great speakers. We had a lot of converts share their conversion
stories, it was super powerful and everyone got hyped on missionary
work. After our speakers and lunch, we got to watch our annual
Christmas Conference movie. We got to watch The Cokeville Miracle. It
was amazing and everyone was crying. But the best part of the whole
conference was after when we got our packages from home! I was super
happy to see so much there :) mom, as you can see from the picture,
the Star Wars stuff made me one happy Elder. Seriously though, the
package was super good and I can't wait to try out the stuff you got
me. As soon as I read the words "Star Wars hype" on your letter I knew
it was gonna be good!

My last cool experience for the week was a new investigator we got.
She is the mom of another investigator we have. We finally got an
appointment with her, and let me say she is prepared. She has come
with her son to two of our sacrament meetings already and she was
telling us how great our church is compared to her last church. She
told us that her old church would just praising and sing Jesus, and
she'd come home not knowing any more about scriptures. Now at ours she
walks away from our meetings wanting to do something, and she says she
likes how we teach out of the scriptures. She's awesome.

We had a week full of highlights, it would be a week I wouldn't mind repeating!
Elder Blackburn

Oh and news for the Christmas Skype! It will be on Christmas Day, most
likely in the evening-ish. Let me know if y'all will be home, and if
so please send me the Skype name I need so I can see you guys :)

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