Monday, November 30, 2015

Preparing for the Holidays

Hello everyone! Hope all is well! Sounds like things back home keep
moving. We finally had a cold day yesterday. Elder Andrew is from
Boise so he loves the cold weather. He didn't bring a coat so he has
been spending some big $$ this week.
THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! I went home last pday and found it on the doorstep.
It was full of the things I needed! The Eco drink and on guards are
coming in handy now. Lots of people are getting sick, even we got a
little sick. I will tell you about it later in the email. Oh and last
week you said that your Halloween card would take forever to come, but
I got it almost a week and a half ago, I forgot to thank you for it
last pday. It was pretty funny.
This week was off just a little bit due to the sicknesses that have
been running around. Last Tuesday we had an exchange with the Zone
leaders, and I woke up to him violently throwing up at 4 in the
morning. We think he had food poisoning. Since this was the first time
I had been him, I had no idea of this was normal or not, so finally I
asked him if he needed help and he said, "nah, this happened once
before in my last area." We were not able to go outside that day. You
can only watch Prophet of the Restoration so many times. The other
Zone leader was sick but more with a cold, so they didn't get too much
done on the other side. So when we finally exchanged back, my
companion had a cold, and then I got a cold. So I've been really good
about vitamin C and On Guard tablet thingy's. And then the next day,
Elder Andrew had a flat tire, so our movement for the day was super
limited but luckily we have a member close by who took us to Walmart
to get some patches. After finding 5 holes we finally got the thing
patched up and we could ride again.
But we still ended up with some good numbers for the week. We've been
teaching an investigator and he has a car now so we've been
trying to get him to church but his mom is super Catholic and doesn't
want him to go. We told him we will pray for his moms heart to be
softened so he can go. Hopefully this Sunday he comes! We also had
some other huge successes this week, one mainly is that we finally got
some investigators to church!  They both decided when it was finished that they
will be back next week. 

That's about it for this week!
Have a happy fall, y'all!

Elder Blackburn

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