Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Henry is on the far left...hard to miss him lately with all the good eating he has done 
down there in Texas!  Many thanks to the Ward Mission Leader who hosted all
these missionaries for Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving was a blast down here! As missionaries we brought up in
Elders quorum if we should do a turkey bowl. Every missionary's hand
went up and a few Ward members as well. So on thanksgiving we opened
up with a Ward-wide football game. We had a lot of people so we split
off into 4 teams and made a bracket. It was super fun. We even had a
guy just randomly show up because he wanted to play football so bad,
so we are going to go visit him soon because he is in our area. We
wish it would have been colder. Playing football in 80 degree
temperatures doesn't really feel like thanksgiving haha. Then later in
the day, we went over to our ward mission leader's house because he
had signed up to feed all of us, and we told things about ourselves to
get to know everyone. I was second to last, and since no one hardly
knew me, I told everyone that I was a convert who moved to Utah from
Canada (everyone thought I was Canadian when I came to Broadway) and
everyone believed me! It was really funny and the people who actually
knew me laughed and then I apologized and it was really fun. Our ward
mission leader and his wife are great cooks, so don't worry about us
not being well fed! And ever since thanksgiving we have been eating
leftovers so we have a good amount of stuffing in the fridge still.
And another funny thing, we had a sister Casallo scheduled for dinner
on Friday, and lo and behold, she is the same ward member from Park
Meadows! I had no idea that she had moved down to Houston! And now
we're in the same ward! Did you guys know she had moved down here? I
sure didn't! I knew she looked familiar so when she dropped off food,
I asked her where she was from and she replied "Centerville" and then
I asked her if she was in the Park Meadows Ward and she said that she
was! It was crazy.
Besides thanksgiving, we had a really interesting week. This week
started off warm, then by Saturday it was super rainy and freezing
outside! It didn't snow, but it feels like Houston is trying to snow.
But even with the weather, we still move forward! We saw this
investigator that the Hermanas gave us, he is Vietnamese, 84 years old
and reads the Book of Mormon a lot! . We weren't able to see a lot
of people this week, lots were out of town with family and stuff so
our numbers are hoping to improve next week. We are biking a ton! We
had one day this week where we helped a member landscape his backyard,
and he lives super south in our area, and the member who was feeding
us was dropping off food at the church, which is a good 45 minute bike
ride north of us, so we calculated we biked a total of about 25 miles
that day! We were so exhausted. I've been sleeping good because we are
so tired each night. Hope you guys had a happy thanksgiving!

Elder Blackburn

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