Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Houston and Miracles

The work continues to move along here in Houston! This week, we
managed to get a total of 6 New investigators! So we found some of
them, but down here in Broadway we do a Zone Hour of Power. So on
Thursdays we set aside one hour where we pray before and go out to
find people. In my last area it was done companionship-wide, but here
it is done Zone-wide. So we pick an area that could use a little boost
(this week it was us) and all the missionaries in the Zone come. So we
had 20 missionaries knocking on doors in our area. And of course we
found people! It was super spiritual, and after it was over every
companionship came up to us and told us "we found some solid people
for you guys, they want you to come back on this date." It was
awesome! It really helped me increase my faith in our area. Until this
week we weren't doing too hot, but now we have a lot of people we are
gonna work with!
But the real miracle was this guy we found while
tracting. So usually before dinner appointments, we make the effort to
proselyte in the member's neighborhood before so 1. We don't show up
late to dinner, and 2. It gives us a chance to find new people in a
part of our area we aren't usually in. So we were tracting by a
members house, and we got about 3 doors in when this guy approached
us. He had his hands in his pockets and had his fingers pointed, so we
were like "oh no, we're gonna get robbed" so he started talking to us
and he told us he had to show us something. So we said ok and waited.
Then he pulls out...his phone and starts rapping to us. We were really
confused. He told us he makes music and he made a song about faith. So
he started rapping it to us. I had no idea what to do, but then he
tells us he has been waiting for us. He told us he has had dreams that
the bible wasn't complete and his baptism didn't feel right. Honestly
I thought this was a member who we didn't know that was just playing
with us. So we told him we have a message from Jesus Christ and it
agrees with what he was telling us. So we sat down on his lawn and
taught him the Restoration right then and there. So that was our
But yeah so with the Church policy update in the news... I didn't hear about the
change until recently  I've had people randomly come up to us and
ask us "what's yall's stance on gay marriage?" And we tell them that marriage
is ordained between a man and a woman - then it usually
turns into a political discussion and we quickly try to turn it into a
Restoration discussion. We've gotten a few interesting return
appointments from contacts like that.
Hope you guys are good!
Love you!

Elder Blackburn
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