Thursday, October 29, 2015


We received the short email below from Elder Blackburn on Monday.  The only problem is that we don't know exactly where he was transferred to - so we will have to wait until next PDay to find out.

Hello everyone! This email is a little different this week because Moss Bluff got Flushed! That means that both Elder Noall and I are getting transferred! This isn't too uncommon, it usually happens when an area is really struggling, so they switch out both missionaries. But for Moss Bluff, that isn't the case. It's actually much worse! Moss Bluff is turning into a Sister's area! Really, it's not that bad, and I have full faith in President Drake that this is what the Lord wants for Moss Bluff.  Sister's might help some of the investigators we have come into baptism sooner that we could. We will see what happens! Elder Noall and I are definitely leaving the area better than when we found it. We have almost 20 investigators we are working with right now, and we get fed a lot so the new sisters have definitely been saying their prayers!
We also got another call from President Drake yesterday- and I'm going to follow-up train a missionary! That means my next companion is only 6 weeks old in the mission. That's pretty cool. I think that's gonna be a great time for spiritual growth. I'm kinda nervous for it, I hope whoever he is has had the chance to lead out his area otherwise we are both gonna be lost! At the same time though, I am really excited to be with a new guy! Who knows what lies ahead! The only sad part leaving is the members here are awesome, and there is plenty work to keep you busy here. We said all our goodbyes to the members yesterday, and some of our solid investigators too. That was hard! I have some great pictures though, so I will keep some great memories from my first area.

Well my week this week was... really wet! The past few days it has rained a TON but we've been teaching a lot, so we managed to stay dry. We had some super spiritual lessons this week, and I hope they can deal with the new missionary change! I know we had a good week but transfers is on my mind so I can't think about last week.

Elder Blackburn

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