Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Almost three months down...

Well I only have one more week left in this transfer, then I'm done
training! But I won't stop being a greenie until my six month mark.
Elder Noall speculates he will probably leave at the end of the week.
He's already been here for three weeks and I need to lead out the
area, so next week you may be getting an email on Tuesday due to
transfers. That means I might have a new companion! Oh my. 

We had some really fun moments this week! On Thursday, a referral that
we got from Alaska came to their new house, and we helped move them
in. But they didn't bring a uhaul, they owned a semi truck. An 18
wheeler. Apparently it was super cheap compared to a uhaul, but you
have to get permission from the city before you roll a semi up into
your neighborhood. But we helped them unload stuff for 5 hours. Some
of my favorite stuff we unloaded were TONS of guns, lots of antlers, a
sword, and a bear spear. They had some neat stuff. They also had a lot
of rocks. They were a fifth generation underground mining family, so
it felt weird moving around boxes that were just labeled rocks.

We also had exchanges with the zone leader this week! We had Elder
Strong. He went to BYU a semester before his mission. I learned a lot
from him with contacting. Elder Noall and I both define Elder Strong
as a "bro". When he contacts people his immediate goal is to become
friends with them first before bringing up the gospel. This lets
people not be so afraid of missionaries or discussing the church. I
tried some of his contacting methods and had success! So I feel a lot
better at contacting after the exchange.

And last night, we went out to see people with our Ward mission
leader! He recently moved closer to our area so hopefully our member
present lessons will skyrocket. He had a 3 year old daughter who he
brought along, and we were able to see a lot of people! We were able
to introduce two of our investigators to him, and we also saw a less
active family. It was really spiritual!

And this morning we went crabbing. I forgot to take pictures of the
crabs but I managed to take lots of other pictures -

Talk to you soon!
Elder Blackburn

P.s. Our district has some baptisms coming up next week! We have some
scheduled for a couple weeks away, so soon we should have more!

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