Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Transfer #2 - staying in Lake Charles

Well my past week was neat! Transfers were Monday so we got four new
missionaries! The sister's area was having a lot of success so they
split it into north and south lake Charles. The only small problem is
he new elders don't have a car, so we're gonna have to bus them around
a little bit! But they are cool, Elder Garry is from Canada and has
been out 5 months. He is training a newbie from Bountiful UT Elder
Taylor. He's neat and knows some kids that I know and has eaten at
Zeponies...so yeah.

The Southern Hospitality down here always catches me off guard for
some reason. We had an amazing, spiritual lesson with a less active
member. This guy is so spiritual,  after we were done, he got up 
and filled two grocery sacks of food and gave
it to us. We tried to refuse, and he just kept telling us to take it
with tear filled eyes. He loves missionaries, but is just a kind man
at heart. We have even been given food from investigators. We stopped
by this one family we are teaching and by the end, we had five cans of
homemade goods including picked, pear butter, spiced pears, and
others. The love and kindness that the people down here show us has
really touched my heart. People are not afraid to just mow their
neighbor's lawn or something.

We had a pretty amazing day this week that was really service packed.
We helped a member removed a plastic pool that had left some plastic
residue in the ground (it was like a big tarp in the ground). Their
non-member neighbors helped us, and plus they are super nice anyway,
and they had plans to stain some cabinets they have. So we ended up
sanding their cabinets for about two hours and forty minutes. It was
really neat, I hadn't really done some serious sanding in a while and
plus service makes us feel good.

We also had a super spiritual lesson with an investigator who wants to
be baptized but has to quit smoking first. We had been fasting with
her for her desire to stop. We taught the Plan of Salvation with her
and her son, and at the end, she expressed her desire to stop smoking
by the end of the week! So we are really praying she stays dedicates
to her plan to stop.

Not a super big week as last week, but we can't always expect a
baptism every week ;)


Elder Blackburn

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