Monday, September 28, 2015


Thank you so much for your letters this week! They were SUPER
plentiful and I know Elder Noall got jealous of all the love that came
my way! And the story of the sister from Lake Charles. I will talk to
the members!

I want to share a series of miracles that came our way
this week. Besides the fact that we had a FANTASTIC week with tons and
tons of lessons. This week we had the most lessons taught that Elder
Noall has ever experienced. We had 15 I think. But here is a little
story. Enjoy!

One day in particular was an absolute miracle. It all started with our
first stop by a gas station. We noticed an investigator we have was
filling up his car. We stopped by and chatted and eventually got a
return appointment from him! As we were wrapping up, another one of
our investigators came out of her car, saw us, and said "come by on
Sunday!" So that was a miracle. Two return appointments in ten
minutes. So we continued biking on.
But the real miracle came when we were biking past another gas
station. We definitely were supposed to be there because all of a
sudden, both lanes on the highway cleared. Elder Noall crossed and I
followed. And normally I look back when I cross, but this time for
some reason I didn't. As we reached the other end, Elder Noall spotted
an old woman who was trying to fill up her car tires. She had a cane
and for her it looked like a difficult task, so we stopped by to help.
To further show her distress, as soon as we offered to help she
immediately replied with, "I surely could use some help!" I quickly
noticed that both her hands were swollen from arthritis, and when she
told us she was recovering from hip surgery, she continued to show her
gratitude for us. Elder Noall reached for the air pump and began to
fill up the low tire. Then a guy comes out of nowhere and gives us a
sack of donuts. I think he saw our Christ-like action and wanted to
reward us. But back to the story. Due to Elder Noall never using that
specific kind of pump before, we soon found that he had accidentally
been letting air out! And to our dismay, the air machine sputtered to
a stop. "Don't worry," I said, "I've got quarters!" But the thought
immediately came to my mind that I only had three quarters in my
wallet, which I knew. The machine only took quarters, and
not-to-my-surprise when I opened my wallet and saw my three quarters
huddled with various dimes and pennies. So as I grabbed my three
quarters and stared blankly at my quarter less wallet, I had a prayer
in my heart that we would be able to help this old lady. As I fished
around, I saw what looked to be another dime, so with nothing left, I
reached for the dime. I swear it transformed as I pulled it out of my
wallet, because to my bewilderment, I was now staring at four quarters
in my hand, the exact amount needed to pay the machine for air. So I
put the coins in, filled up the lady's tire, gave her our card, and
she went on her way. Knowing the miracle that had just happened and
the quickness of the events, I just stood there, astonished. But the
miracles didn't stop coming! Then elder Noall exclaimed, "It's Our Investigator!"
He was an investigator with tons of promise that the elders lost
contact with before I came here. And at that exact moment in time, he
was getting into his truck at the gas station. So we sprinted over and
talked to him. Come to find out, he had been in prison for the past
two months, but he still wants to meet with us! Anyways, that was a
super highlight from the week. And the donuts the random guy gave us
were really good.

But my testimony grew tremendously during this experience. I was able
to marvel at how merciful the Lord is to us. His hand is definitely in
our lives. I know we believe in a God of miracles!

Love, Elder Blackburn

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