Monday, September 14, 2015

Adding to the fold in LA!

Everything with the baptism went pretty well. We only had some
minor difficulties that included no hot water (so it was slightly
chilly), the hot water valve breaking, and I had to squish a couple of
cockroaches the night before. So not too bad. That kinda makes it
sound like our building is really sketchy but it's actually really
nice, and it just needs some minor repairs in those areas.

But yes! The baptism was amazing! The members do a really good job at
welcoming people. There were actually two people being
baptized because the sisters had a baptism. My companion performed
the baptism and I confirmed. So that's what I did yesterday! It was awesome.
 I was shaking a little bit cuz I was super nervous! But it went well.

Since we're on the topic of Sunday yesterday, we had nothing short of
a miracle happen. Elder Noall and I were doing our usual greet people
as they come into the chapel, when we spotted someone we haven't met
before. So we introduced ourselves  - we thought he might be an investigator
 one of the other missionaries had invited to church, but he wasn't. 
He told us he didn't know what missionaries were. He told us he had 
Mormon friends growing up and he wanted to know why they were always so happy 
 So we talked before services started, and we found out
that he wanted to come to our church so bad he even showed up on
Wednesday to see if we had services then (almost every church besides
ours does services on wed and sun). But no one was here, so he left.
He liked our services so much he said he "is most definitely going to
come back!" We gave him a Book of Mormon and sadly he's in the
sister's area, but they scheduled a time to come by on Wednesday. But
yeah, that was a miracle if I ever saw one. The Lord knows who he
wants in his kingdom.

Besides the inspired weekend, the rest of the week was lots of
teaching people. We found a 16 year old young man who isn't
growing up in the best of circumstances. All of his family pretty much
does drugs/drinks and he decided he doesn't want any of that stuff.
And the best part is he wants to be baptized! So we are definitely
going to fellowship him a lot. He needs to know he matters. I still
remember the restoration lesson we taught him because the Holy Ghost
was there so strong every word we said was inspired. He is on a good
path, we're just helping him get started.

I'll send some pics! Sounds like Finn is growing too fast! Save some
for me especially if he is going to be my little stunt double like
what you guys are saying. Oh and thank you for the package!!!! Yeah I
noticed you guys didn't send many letters but you told me to expect a
package so I didn't get discouraged. But then the package came and it
was amazing! Those peach rings and peanut-butter snickers are sooooooo
good!! The letters were good, the food was great, overall an amazing
package! The nutrigrain bars and batman stamps were a nice touch. I
will eagerly wait for those pics of Finn with the pups!

Talk to you soon!
Elder Blackburn

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