Monday, May 8, 2017


I will try to write what I can today seeing how we will be heading to
Kingwood today for transfers. I was actually kinda surprised when the
call came that I would be leaving I was really sad :( I really
enjoyed working in the YSA and with the senior couple the Lowes. I
definitely made some great friends here in the branch. We had a great
ward council and got some great programs we had come up with during
the week in place for the future of the branch. I would have been
completely okay with staying.
Along with transfers, there's a lot of changes in mission leadership
since the new mission president will be here soon and pretty much all
leadership in the mission is from my group so there are going to be a
LOT of changes in leadership here in the Mission. I will probably be
going down in leadership which is sad because I have loved my time as
a ZL here. I've definitely grown a lot!
This week was pretty fun and went by super fast because of all the
activities we had. Tuesday we had MLT so we have already been to
Kingwood this week. Some interesting things have come from the first
presidency. For example, we won't be having zone meetings any more.
Just zone conference. To compensate we as leadership came up with
District Trainings, where we travel around to all the districts and
teach them for an hour and a half each. We have four districts and it
takes us about 2 hours to go from one end of our zone to the other. So
Friday was stressful but it went really well. It was surprisingly fun
being able to do four trainings in one day. I'm going to miss it for
There's also a lot of flooding going on right in the east part of the
mission.. we had a pretty bad storm Wednesday and a couple areas in
the zone had tornado warnings so we made sure that those areas were
ok. There was some crazy lightning going on, it would illuminate the
entire sky. We took a video of it.
On Thursday we went up to Jasper to give a baptismal interview to this
sweet miracle investigator. Two weeks ago, we went on exchanges with
Fred and Woodville. DM was in Jasper so after Elder Biesinger and the
Fred Elders went to Hamburger Depot. A man followed them inside and
told them he and his wife were members, and that since they just moved
to the area they haven't been able to find the Church yet. As they
talked with him, it turned out that he actually wasn't a member yet,
and hadn't been able to get baptized with him moving around so much.
So Thursday I gave the interview to him and he got baptized this past
weekend. It was such an amazing story of the elect of God seeking out
the missionaries. Miracles do happen! One funny part is the Highway we
were on was 75 mph and I was going 80 and got pulled over.  I knew
there was no way I would be getting a ticket for only being maybe 5
over, and the guy just gave me a warning. Don't worry, I've been
driving the speed limit since then haha. The conversation we had with
the "Texas Ranger" was funny: "Is there any reason you boys are going
80 in a 75 mile n' hour area?" "Well, we are going to interview
someone for baptism" I don't think he expected that one! He asked
for my license and checked it and soon we were on our merry way again.

We took some fun pics this week, enjoy!

Elder Blackburn

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