Monday, May 22, 2017

Bike repair and golden investigators

Some crazy things happened this week! It was all very exciting to be a part of.

So after taking the advice to get a compete bike tune up on Tuesday we headed up to the closest bike shop and waited for forever as they appraised it. They told me they would call me in the morning. Since we didn't have a bike for the day, we helped the Spanish Elders who gave us a ride with the English class that they teach. They introduced us as "special guest teachers" who had come to specifically teach the dog intermediate English class. It was super fun, I wish we could help out all the time haha.

Some good things came from Spanish class though. There was a lady named Neda and she has been taking English class but is not from a Spanish background. So since she is trying to learn English and isn't from a Spanish background that means we get to teach her! Yay! And also she became interested in the gospel through English class, and we have since had a pass off lesson this week with the Spanish elders and Neda is progressing very well. We gave Neda a Persian book of Mormon this week.

The next day we waited for the bike shop to call and since they didn't, we called them and my bike still wasn't ready and the bike shop wanted to do a full repair. So they let me know that my bike will be finished Friday so in the meantime I borrowed a bike from another elder who has a car so we were able to do some good missionary work even though I did not have my own bike.

One cool finding miracle we had this week was a man named Mario. We found him in the driveway of another investigator we had just tried talking to. Our other investigator wasn't super interested but we made the most of the appointment. Mario turned out to be a golden investigator with a capital "G".  Recently, he and his wife have decided that they need to go back to Church for their kids. So Mario and his wife have been going to different churches lately, but Mario said that none of them have felt that that's where God wants them to be. We let him know about Joseph Smith who had a similar experience. It was wonderful testifying of the restoration to Mario letting him know that if he came to know that our message is true, then it means that there is a church where God will let him know he belongs. We came away from the contact very edified and grateful that we had an opportunity to bear such strong testimony to him. We have an appointment with him this week to bring him another Bible which is what he wanted and to share more of the restoration with him and his family. We are looking forward to it.

We also had a really good counsel with the Bishop. His name is Bishop Ashcraft. He was raised in Davis County and his parents live on the north End of Chase Lane! It was a cool connection when I told him I live just south of Chase Lane. He is a great bishop and we look forward to working closer with him in the future.

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