Monday, February 6, 2017


Transfer calls have come again and it looks like it's my time go. Kingwood has treated me well. I love all the members here and the work has really picked up this past transfer it's going to be a hard goodbye. Kingwood is definitely one of the areas I will want to visit again sometime in the future.

We had some amazing miracles this week. It always seems like the areas I have are always busiest right as I leave. We had so many appointments this week!

The biggest miracle we had this week was so many people at church on Sunday! Maria came! She is progressing so well. We have been teaching her and she loves relief society. All the old ladies in there are now her friends. The social conversion is definitely there, we are just helping out with the spiritual conversion. Her baptismal date is about 2 weeks away, so I have hopes on returning in a few weeks for that. The other people who came to church was Brad Young and his Family! It was so special! Brad and his fiancée and kids all came. It was a great time. Some of the kids have friends from school in the ward, it was awesome to see them come say hi and invite them to come to class with them. They had a fun time. I think Sunday was the first time we had a full family come to church. It was special to me. The new Elder who comes here is definitely spoiled to come to an area with such great investigators! We are hoping they all get baptized here soon. It should be this month so maybe I get to come back twice

Sorry for the short email. I also have no idea why the font changed. Oh well. Take care!

Here's a funny pic from last week. Where you speak religion 24/7 and see something like this, it's hilarious.

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