Monday, January 23, 2017

Solid Work

Another week has come and gone. And as always with solid missionary work we were able to see some awesome miracles. Also it was back in the 80s so same lizards came out to say h!i

The first (and probably the biggest) miracle of this week was Chris came to church! He is a member who's been less active for a little while now.   We are currently teaching his grandmother and she came to Church last week also -  He has a son who's eight years old and the only thing he wants is to be baptized by his dad ❤️ that's a pretty good motivational factor to come back to church if I ever saw one! They stayed for all 3 hours so that was awesome.   He is known for giving everyone hugs when he was active. He is a big boy from Brooklyn and he has the accent to prove it. It's awesome.

We had a really cool miracle this week with a guy named Jeremy. We've seen him before at this park we bike past every so often, and this time we went and talked to him. Normally we are heading to lessons but this time we were on our bikes. We went right up to him and starting talking. He's a super humble guy who recently got kicked out of his house. How sad! However he's been meaning to make some life changes and has been thinking about coming to church over the past week. And then he told us that when he saw us biking he said to himself, "well, it looks like I'm going to Church this Sunday!" He's our age so if he gets on board we will talk to him about YSA stuff. But it was just great getting more reminders how Heavenly Father really does prepare people everywhere.

Elder Wolfgramm had a baptism in his previous area so we got to go down to Pasadena on Saturday to see it. Transfers are in two weeks so it'll be funny if I get transferred there.

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