Monday, February 27, 2017

Another month down

Hello Friends and Family,

We had quite the exciting week this week! We were blessed to find A LOT
new investigators and we have some that Elder Bohne and I both agreed
are baptismal
material. One was a really humble guy. He was riding a
longboard as we were contacting people on Lamar campus. He had just
jumped off his longboard when we striked up a conversation with him
about it. Eventually we started talking about the Gospel and how much
it can bless people's lives. He recently moved up here for school
and he was really interested. He was super humble too. He's of a
different faith but doesn't have anywhere to go to Church at the
moment. We are meeting with him again this week.

The other awesome contact was a girl on campus. She is very
religious and has been in the same church her whole life. But recently
we found out from speaking with her that she has been wondering what
God thinks of being baptized again. She was baptized when she was
little, but now that she has grown has been pondering if she
needs to be baptized again. She's been studying the scriptures and
asking her pastor. We had an amazing conversation about faith and
priesthood how it's been restored to the earth. It was awesome and we
are meeting with her again this week.

We also had Zone Conference and Interviews this week. We were asked by
the APs to do a 30 minute segment about how we can get more
investigators to attend Sacrament meeting. They gave us a small list
of suggested materials we could reference if we wanted. So we've been
planning over the past month and the result was fantastic! We had
quite a bit of discussion during the segment and a lot of good came
from it. We talked with the APs after and they all agreed it was the
most well done segment out of all the Zone Conferences. That was great
news! Hopefully we can keep that going!

I also keep getting the realization of how many exchanged we get to go
on as zone leaders. After an awesome exchange with one of the District
leaders here in Beaumont we took some pictures of us attempting to
make a human pyramid. We were all laughing so hard so we all look
weird haha. The other photos include us contacting in the most ghetto
apartment complex we've ever been in. We had to check in with a police
officer at the front desk. There was no carpet anywhere. Just Bare
concrete. The other is of a washer we took all the way apart, replaced
the bearing, and put it all back together. It was at a member's house
who assists the Elders in letting them use their washing machine.

That's about it for this week! Take care!
Elder Henry Blackburn
Texas Houston East Mission

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